Penile injection therapy : The ultimate remedy for ED

Erectile dysfunction is the inability of a man to achieve and sustain penile erections during the entire course of sexual penetration. About one-thirds of men suffer from this condition and always searching for some injection for ED treatment.

Causative factors of erectile dysfunction range from psychological and physical, to injury related, as anything that triggers reduced libido, like depression or hormonal imbalance, consequently makes it difficult for the brain to conduct the entire fiasco of erection.

injection for ed treatment

Whatever be the cause, the net result is the same, i.e dissatisfactory sex and depression. Regardless of the cause, penile injections of muscle relaxant chemicals have evolved as an effective remedy for erectile dysfunction.

Penile Injection for ED Treatment

Penile injection therapy has evolved as a major solution for men suffering from erectile dysfunction, as it is a quick, reliable method devoid of major side-effects. Also it cures the problem in a very organic manner from the core itself, which negates periodic recurrence of ED.

Penile injection or intracavernous injection is the process whereby a chemical, better known as a smooth muscle relaxant is injected with the help of the syringe into the muscles of corpora cavernosa.

Being a muscle relaxant, it allows tissues to expand and relax without depending upon nervous stimulation during sexual arousal. With considerable expansion of muscles, blood vessels of the penis dilate and a firm erection is produced.

Injection therapy brings forth satisfactory erections, especially in individuals who have had failed attempts in oral therapy before.

Chemicals used for injection for ed treatment as smooth muscle relaxants include caverject and edex. They are FDA-approved and varying forms of prostaglandin E1. When injected, they act locally to cause smooth muscle relaxation independent of nerve supply to the penis.

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Advantages of Penile Injection for ED Treatment

Penile injection for ED treatment involves a host of advantages as listed below:

o The major advantage is that the action is independent of oral absorption or topical absorption through tissues, which makes its effect very specific and localized, as penile tissues are highly sensitive to smooth muscle relaxants.

o Most penile injections come equipped with an auto-injector which makes it easy to use. Although the procedure does require some manual dexterity, a simple push with the syringe on the side of the penis does the trick.

o The injection therapy does not produce lumps on any signs of discomfort, both internally or externally.

o Injection for ED treatment is an effective remedy for individuals who are not suitable candidates for oral ED therapy or who did not respond well to first-line therapy. Due to its localized and instant effects, injections solve the problem irrespective of the causative factor.

Who is Eligible for Penile Injection for ED Treatment?

Injection therapy is risky for men who bear significant allergic to prostaglandins Caverject or Edex. Thus one should seek the expert guidance of a urologist before proceeding to take injection for ED treatment.

Also men prone to priapism, or those with multiple myeloma, leukemia, sickle-cell disease and Peyronie’s disease are not suitable candidates for this therapy.

All in all, penile injection therapy is an effective remedy for ED as it is fast-acting and devoid of major side-effects.