Kegel Exercise: The Best Remedy for Erectile Dysfunction

Kegel Exercise for Erectile Dysfunction that Helps to Maintain Erection

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is an embarrassing and frustrating problem affecting many men. The condition is characterized the inability to get or maintain an erection.

Most men with the condition often experience self-esteem issues as well as strained relationships as they are not able to perform sexually. It is caused by a number of factors such as heart conditions, diabetes, hormonal issues and nerve disorders.

kegel exercise for erectile dysfunction

The good news is, erectile dysfunction is actually treatable. One of the best treatments include erectile dysfunction exercises such as the Kegel exercise for erectile dysfunction.

Kegel Exercise for Erectile Dysfunction

Although they are more common among women who use them to strengthen their pelvic muscles, kegel exercises are also quite effective in treating erectile dysfunction in men.

They help to strengthen muscles as well as improve the flow of blood to the reproductive organs. The exercises normally strengthen the pelvic-floor muscles which support the bowel, the bladder and affect sexual function.

How to Carry Out Kegel Exercise for Erectile Dysfunction

Before undertaking the Kegel exercise for erectile dysfunction, it is important to locate the right muscles and understand the technique to use. It will take diligence to identify the pelvic floor muscles and know how to contract or relax them. The following pointers can help you to carry out your exercises properly.

  1. Find the Right Muscles: To identify pelvic floor muscles, simply tighten those muscles which stop you from passing gas. Alternatively, you can stop urinating midstream.If you can do this, then you have just identified your pelvic muscles. Contracting these muscles will cause your penis to move closer to the abdomen and the testicles to rise.
  2. Perfect the Technique: Once you have identified the right muscles, empty your bladder then lie on your back. Your knees should be apart and bent while doing this. Tighten the pelvic floor muscles and hold the contraction for at least three seconds.Relax them for the next three seconds. Repeat the process several times in a row. Once you realize that the muscles have become stronger, try doing the Kegel exercise while in the sitting and standing positions. You can also do it while walking.
  3. Maintain Your Focus: To achieve the best results, just focus on tightening the pelvic muscles only. Do not flex those muscles in the abdomen, buttocks or thighs. You should breathe freely while doing the kegel exercise for erectile dysfunction.
  4. Repeat the Three Times a Day: Aim for at least 3 sets of ten repetitions per day.

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Benefits of Kegel Exercise for Erectile Dysfunction

Kegel exercises for erectile dysfunction are quite beneficial for men who want to significantly improve their sex lives. Below are some of the main benefits:

  1. The exercises help you to develop healthy pelvic muscles, giving you a firmer erection.
  2. They help to improve the penile blood flow, giving you harder erections which last longer.

III. Kegels also increase the ejaculation volume and force, giving you explosive orgasms.

  1. They enlarge the penis indirectly, thanks to the increased blood flow.
  2. They will give you a greater sexual stamina by enabling you to have total control over your ability to orgasm.
  3. The exercises can help to cure urinary incontinence.

VII. You are assured of having healthy prostates as Kegel exercise for erectile dysfunction are known to treat prostate swelling and pain.

Kegel Exercise for erectile dysfunction has been tested and found to have profound effects on men’s sex life. Most sex experts and doctors recommend it for erectile dysfunction. If you want a health and non-invasive remedy to your sexual problems, Kegel exercise for erectile dysfunction might just be the answer.