The facts on injection shots for ed

Injection Shots for ED to Treat the Disorder

There is no doubt that a man can be embarrassed to reveal that he has an erectile dysfunction but the good news is that with injection shots for ed you can actually treat the disorder.

injection shots for ed

Erectile dysfunction is a disorder that hinders a man from having a normal sexual relationship with his partner. So if you have such a disorder you should get yourself treated.

The composition of the injections

These injections are composed of tree vital medications mixed together such as phentolamine mesylate, papaverine hydrochloride and alprostadil. After these medications have been mixed in a specific ratio they are then injected into the penis using a very fine needle.

The dosage can be adjusted as per the requirement of the patient. The best part is that these injections are not painful at all. If the sight of a needle is disturbing then you could go for an auto-injector the needle remains hidden.

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How does the medication work?

This injection will help the blood vessels in your penis relax. The drug will also facilitate the flow of blood in your penis and you will be able to sustain an erection for about 30 minutes to an hour. The duration of the erection will depend on the amount of medication that is used.

However you must consult a doctor before you even go ahead and take this medicine. There have been cases where men have experienced allergic reactions.

So your doctor needs to analyze your anatomy to understand if the medicine will suit you or not. These injections are to have experienced about 85% success with every patient.

Reports on the medication

Recent survey has revealed that about 50% users have reported mild pain; however people have continued to use these injections in spite of the pain.

Doctors suggest that the medication should be administered very slowly to avoid any pain. Some doctors even suggest natural methods before going in for injection shots for ed.

The benefits of using injection shots for ed

  • This is the only medication that will help you get an erection
  • The results are safe and it does work
  • Even if you have other medical conditions you can still use this medicine
  • The dosage is determined as per individual requirement
  • This medicine has worked for 80% of the patients
  • These injections are approved by the FDA

Some additional information

The injection is in administered into the penis from the side. The drug acts fast by expanding arteries thus allowing a lot of blood flow. The erection happened within 15 minutes.

You have to learn the correct way to administer the injection shots for ed, so that you get correct results and most importantly you should not end up hurting yourself. The medication will give you an erection for at least an hour.

So you see that these injections are perfectly safe and do not produce any harmful side effects. They are quick to act and easy to administer. However consultation with a doctor is a must to be able to use these injections the right way.