Want to get rid of erectile dysfunction? Avail ed injection therapy

ED Injection Therapy to Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Tried various medications but still unable to get rid of erectile-dysfunction? Then it will be wise for you to consider the ed injection therapy that has been tried by millions of people and has also been proved to be extremely effective in maintaining hard ejections during sexual intercourse. Below have been highlighted some of the unique features of this unique therapy.

ed injection therapy

What are the types of medications used for this therapy?

In order to provide the best possible results the below medications are currently being used for the therapy.

Papaverine hydrochloride-

It is one of the vital medications that help to increase blood circulation in various vital organs of the body. This medication is highly effective in getting rid of vascular diseases. With the help of this therapy, papaverine hydrochloride is injected in the penis. This helps in flow of blood towards the penis and thereby relaxes the muscles that are present in the arterial wall. According to research it has also been found that papaverine also helps in trapping the blood inside the penis and thereby helps in proper erection.


It is also one of the vital medications that enables the expansion of blood vessels and thereby increases the flow of blood. Once the regitine is injected in the penis, it results in hard erections with the increase in blood flow. Regitine is usually mixed with papaverine hydrochloride in order to avail best results.

Prostaglandin E-1

It is a vital compound that is produced in the human body that helps in dilation of the blood vessels. The Prostaglandin E-1 affects the tissues of the penis and thereby results in dilation. It also helps in expansion of the tissues in the penis and thereby helps in achieving proper erection during sexual intercourse. This vital compound also helps in relaxation of the artery muscles within the penis.

How many times this ed injection therapy can be used?

This medication used in this ed injection therapy must only be taken under the recommendation of an experienced and professional doctor. This unique therapy must not be availed more than ten times a month. It must be injected in the penis in even duration.

Is the therapy painful?

Since the needle used for the ed injection therapy is 30 gauge ultra fine, people who have availed this therapy has not experienced any type of acute pain. Some of the users of this therapy have even claimed that this therapy is extremely painless.

When will the erection occur?

You will be able to gain perfect erection after 10 to 20 minutes of injecting the medicine. The vital mediations used in this therapy is extremely effective in providing fast erection.

Is the therapy effective?

According to a recent survey it has been found that around 80% of patients admitted in a specific hospital for erectile dysfunction have been treated by availing the ed injection therapy.

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These are some of the reasons due to which this unique ed injection therapy has become extremely popular among the people who are unable to satisfy their partner during sexual intercourse. Get this therapy and enjoy a healthy sex life.